Why Teal?

The month of September is GYN/Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Since the awareness ribbon color for gynecologic cancer is teal, lighting prominent buildings and landmarks across the state of Alabama in teal is a very effective and noticeable way to raise awareness.  We hold an awareness and lighting ceremony at the beginning of September which is covered by the news media and kicks off our efforts to coincide with GYN/Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Why is Awareness Needed?

  • Alabama is one of the top three states with the highest rate of death from cervical cancer
  • Alabama is one of the top four states with the highest rate of death from ovarian cancer
  • There is no early detection/screening test for ovarian cancer. It is usually found in stage 3c and has a high recurrence and mortality rate.
  • Women need to know the signs and symptoms of all GYN cancers
  • Groundbreaking research is happening throughout the State of Alabama

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